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pumpkin bars with brown sugar cream cheese frosting

pumpkin bars with cream cheese brown sugar frosting
It's fall-ish here and cool enough for the pumpkin spice cravings to have begun! i searched far and wide for the best pumpkin bar recipe.  it had to be very tender so it would melt-in-your-mouth. but also rich and warm with creamy and sweet frosting that would perfectly offset the spices. i combined several recipes, and then changed them all to include melted butter for the added flavor and texture that butter allows. nothing ever goes wrong with butter. it's like the perfect food. ha! the addition of brown sugar gives the frosting an extra depth of sweetness and the combination will blow your socks off.  this recipe makes plenty to share.  make the batch and invite over the neighbors! or take a plate to friends. i shared mine with the ladies at the office and they were in heaven. definitely gonna keep this one bookmarked for when the pumpkin spice cravings hit again.  and they will. 
ingredient list 
for bars 1 cup butter, melte…
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well, it's been quite sometime since our last post!  instead of catching you up on the happenings, let's just get right down to business, shall we?  basically, we still love cooking and baking and all things food related, and we love that you love our recipes!  and after many requests from our dear friends, neighbors, and acquaintances, we're back! 

i (laura here ;) ) recently attended a mission farewell for a darling neighbor and this is the taco salad that was served there.  now I know you've made taco salad a million times in a million variations, but this one tops them all.  this meat/rice mixture is to die for, and it even makes a perfect dip for those extra fritos you didn't crunch up into your salad.  I made a ton with the intention of freezing it....and that didn't even happen because we ate it for leftovers for the next several days!  it's delicious with the meat and rice combo and the sugar cuts that acidity of the tomato sauce nicely, go try it. I…

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This time of year is perfect timing for sweet and spicy molasses cookies.  I found this recipe after long hours of searching the internet and have been using it for a few years.  I think they're originally from Grandma Marie, but I'm not sure who she is.  Wherever you are, Grandma Marie, your cookies are perfect! I love the recipe and the results are, well, look at the cracks in those cookies!  That's cookie perfection right there!  Perfect molasses cookies have to be crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside...and these are, well, I said it before.  They're perfect.

3/4 cup butter, melted 1 1/3 cups sugar 1 egg 1/4 cup molasses 2 cups all purpose flour
2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 3/4 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp ground cloves

to the bowl of a stand mixer, add melted butter and sugar and mix until well blended and mixture has lightened in color.  add egg and molasses and mix until smooth.  add flour, soda, salt and spices at the same t…

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this peanut butter cookie recipe is a staple.  i was raised on this cookie.  okay, not really, but almost.  my mom made these cookies frequently.  somehow they ended up becoming a "christmas cookie" in our family, but they really are much more than that.  in fact, they're so much more than that, that i don't make them for christmas.  i make them all year.  they're that good.  i didn't even like them as a child.  i guess my mom made them so often that i didn't realize just how good they were.  and now i'm an adult and i can't get enough of them.  

they're supposed to be made with a hershey kiss placed in the center, but since i rarely have hershey kisses, i opt for 2-3 large milk chocolate chips.  or i completely remove the chocolate all together.  don't be a hater.  i like chocolate.  i promise.  i really only like it in little bits, though.  and sometimes sweets that are good enough, don't need any chocolate at all.  sometimes.  and so…