05 October 2011

graham cracker smoothie

hi.  it's been a while!  we put ourselves on a little summer hiatus and i, for one, refuse to believe that summer is over.  the storm clouds are coming and the cold, crisp breeze is out there.  but i'm going to be in summer mode for just a little while longer.  this smoothie is actually a good one for any time of year, especially right now when the seasons are changing.  if you're a fan of dipping graham crackers in milk, like me, you're going to love this smoothie!  and if you use a low fat or skim milk you keep it pretty healthy!

pour milk into ice cube trays and freeze until solid
peel one banana (or a bunch of bananas if you use them often for smoothies) and place in a freezer bag and freeze until solid.

in a blender, add:
6-7 frozen milk cubes
1/2 -1 frozen banana
1 T peanut butter
about 1/3 - 1/2 cup milk (just to help it blend to your desired consistency)
3 large graham crackers (or however many you like!)
vanilla protein powder (if desired)

blend together until smooth, pour into a beautiful glass, kick your legs up and enjoy.

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