17 May 2011

rotisserie chicken noodle soup

i can't even begin to tell you how much i wish that this were not a post about soup.  i wish i could have a talking with mother nature and convince her that spring is necessary.  not only for the budding tulips and daffodils, but for my mental status.  i dislike winter.  there.  i said it.  this year i even tried my best to not let winter get to me.  i invested in insulated running tights and lots of warm gear to get me through all the snow storms.  and i ran through lots of cold dreary days.  and it helped.  oh boy, did it help!  but dog-gone-it, it's may now.  i tried to have patience through the blustery march weather.  i was optimistic when april's sunshine peeked through the clouds.  but, honestly, that was maybe once.  and now i'm telling you what...my patience has worn thin and i'm anxious to get my cold weather gear put away.  i want to hop on my bike and pedal my way into mental heaven.  but yesterday, i pedaled my way right into (literally, people) the face of bitter cold wind.  it almost knocked me off my bike.  and when i got home the only thing that would warm me up was a piping hot bath.  and later that day, after rain and clouds, i decided to succumb to the wrath of mother nature and make soup.  and be grateful for my place in this world.  it's cold and i wish it were warm and spring-y.  but my heart goes out to the people in the world who have real mother nature problems.  and my prayers go out to them also.

1 rotisserie chicken
10 or so organic carrots peeled and cut into chunks (i think organic carrots taste so much better)
2 stalks celery, sliced
1 medium onion, diced
good quality chicken stock (i really like kitchen basics, it's in a yellow box)
Mrs. Weiss' klusky homemade noodles (in a plastic bag in the pasta section, they're homemade egg dumpling noodles.  any brand will work, really)

in a large pot, combine 2 T butter with about 2 T olive oil.  add onions and celery, sprinkle with approx. 1 T kosher salt, and cook until translucent.  add carrots and saute for about 5 minutes.  add cut up pieces of rotisserie chicken, thyme and oregano to taste (about 1 T of each, dried).  saute together for 2-3 minutes and then add 2 containers of chicken stock and about 2 cups of water.  bring to a boil, cover and let simmer for about 1 hour.  add noodles to your liking and cook through.

*you must have this soup with a side of good rustic sourdough bread!  it's a must.


  1. Now that the weather is stupid again, I think I'll make this soup tomorrow. Where do you find those noodles? Good Earth?

  2. You can find the noodles in most grocery stores. I get them at my local smiths in the pasta aisle on the bottom shelf. They're in a bag.

  3. Made it, loved it. Wow. The homemade noodles and yummy spices MADE IT!