09 May 2011

cedar planked mustard and brown sugar salmon

i was craving fish this weekend.  and being the good wife that i am, i filled in for my hubby, who was on call all saturday night/sunday morning, and planned my own mother's day dinner.  no biggie.  i love cooking so much and i was so happy to have my husband home during daylight hours that i was excited.  not only that, but it was a good excuse to make fish.  i really wanted to buy halibut, but it was $16.99/lb.  WHAAAAAT?!?!  what has happened to the price of groceries lately?  well, that's another topic for another post.  but, really, it's hard not to notice.  right?  anyway, so i bypassed the halibut (so that my family would be able to eat for the rest of the week) and went to my tried and true...salmon.  since hubby was going to be home, i put him in charge of grilling.  i would prepare...he would grill.  seems only fair, since he is a guy and it was mother's day and he loves to grill.  ok...i used two pieces of salmon, two different preparation methods and two different flavoring combinations.  today, i present the cedar planked mustard and brown sugar variation.  it really is a booby bobby flay recipe with only minor changes.  i don't much care for him, but this recipe was fantastic.  so, here you go...and stay tuned for another grilled salmon that is a family favorite...

1 cedar plank, soaked in water for about 2-3 hours (to prevent a fire)
about 1 1b salmon fillet, rinsed in cold water and patted dry
salt and pepper 
3 tbsp dijon (or creole-style) mustard (or enough to coat the top)
3 tbsp brown sugar (or enough to sprinkle on top)

after soaking cedar plank for 2-3 hours, drain off water.  transfer salmon to cedar plank (on what was skin-side down.) generously sprinkle salmon with salt and pepper.  rub mustard on the top of the salmon and top with sprinkling of brown sugar.  

heat up the grill to medium-high heat.  cook salmon on indirect heat for 20-30 minutes.  the internal temperature should be 135 degrees.  serve from the plank, but be sure to remove the salmon from the plank if there is any left over. 

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