25 April 2011

using leftovers: pot roast sandwich

i've been thinking lately...if you haven't tried this recipe for pot roast, you really need to.  you'll love it!  promise, cross my heart.  
so, i made it a couple of weeks ago.  we ate it.  we loved it as always.  but i made so much, that we had oodles of leftovers.  who said leftovers can't be good?  i don't give my family the option to NOT eat them.  so, i threw the leftover beef on a bun, added a few things and voila!  a new dinner creation...the pot roast sandwich.  finger lickin' good!  (or was that chicken?)

leftover pot roast, warmed
cheddar cheese

warm the leftover pot roast just enough to get the juices running again.  slice buns in half and spread with a little butter.  toast just the bottom half first under a broiler until golden brown.  remove from oven.  this is where your creativity begins.  add whatever condiments you like.  i like a little mayo and horseradish.  my husband likes mayo and mustard.  pile on the beef and add slices of cheese.  butter the tops of the buns and put it all under the broiler until the cheese melts.  (this way you're not double-broiling the top of the bun-get it?)  slice it on the diagonal for extra style points and voila! a pot roast sandwich.

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