21 February 2011

my tuna salad

i realized today that the meal that i've been eating for lunch every day for the past week was pretty much all supplied by costco.  anyway, that's beside the point.

don't get me wrong.  i love a good tuna sandwich, especially with a hearty dill or sweet pickle (depends on my mood.)  but, i've been trying to eat more greens.  i have to fit into a bikini tankini one-piece swimming suit muumuu in less than ONE month and it's time to cut out some unnecessary carbs, like bread.  not all together, just a little.  i can't live without bread.  so, here is my take on a good tuna salad.  it's easy.  it's quick.  it's healthy.  and you can buy 99% of the ingredients in one store.  here's to healthy eating!

side note:  this picture was taken with the salad served on a plate.  i went to eat the salad after taking a picture and just felt funny.  i finally realized what was wrong.  never have i actually eaten this salad on a salad plate.  i poured that salad right back into a mixing bowl and ate it straight out.  ahhhh, much butter right out of the mixing bowl.  this salad must be eaten that way. 

mix enough mayo to lightly moisten tuna.  add a Tbsp of yellow mustard.  stir together.

salad dressing:
balsamic vinegar
olive oil
kosher salt and black pepper

mixed greens
strawberries or fruit of choice (pears or mandarin oranges are also my fav)
tuna mix (above)

i add everything to the mixing bowl and toss together.  for the dressing, i just drizzle on enough olive oil and balsamic to my liking and sprinkle on a generous pinch of salt and fresh ground black pepper.  after a few times of making it, you'll get the hang of it.  and believe me, you'll want to make this more than once.  

i also substitute humus or cottage cheese for the tuna.  the creaminess of the tuna, humus and cottage cheese mixed with the olive oil and balsamic for a fantastic dressing for the salad. 

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