07 January 2011


you may be wondering about the title of this post.  i just couldn't think of what to call it.  it's not quite a fajita...not quite a burrito...so it's a furrito!  it's my own creation, so i can call it what i want, right?  i have been trying to incorporate more veggies into my diet.  the fact of the matter is, we just don't eat enough vegetables around here.  my kids are kind of on a vegetable funk and, to be honest, so am i.  they just never sound good to me.  don't get me wrong, i normally love my green roughage, but lately, not so much.  so, i've tried to put a new spin on the ol' veggies.  here's my second creation (my first was a vegetable lasagna that still needs a little work.  it was edible, but still not sharable.)  enjoy it.  those sweet potatoes MAKE the dish.  seriously.so.good. i actually used leftover frozen sweet potatoes that i had baked, diced up and frozen for baby finger food.  my baby is now 1 and really not liking the vegetable thing right now.  hence, my dilemma with vegetables.  BUT, she liked those sweet potatoes in the furrito!  feel free to add whatever meat (or none) that you care for.  chicken-grilled, rotisserie, leftover-would be fantastic.  i used leftover new york strip steak and it was wonderful.  i'm not going to add amounts.  you know, it's like fajitas.  add as much or as little as you like.  heck, add whatever vegetables your family will eat.

sweet potatoes, baked and diced up
green pepper, cut into strips
onion, cut into strips
frozen corn
steak, chicken, pork
salt and pepper
sour cream
lime juice
taco sauce, salsa, hot sauce

using a nonstick pan, on med-high heat saute the green pepper and onions in a little olive oil until soft.  add sweet potatoes and frozen corn.  let vegetables brown and add the meat, if using leftovers.  (if you're using fresh meat, saute it beforehand in a little olive oil until brown.  remove from pan and cook vegetables.  turn down heat and add the meat back in once the vegetables are cooked through.)  sprinkle on enough cumin until you can smell it.  add salt and pepper to taste.

assemble your furrito in a tortilla by adding the vegetable/meat mixture, cheese, beans, sour cream, a little lime juice and whatever sauce you like.  roll up and enjoy your serving of vegetables!

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