03 December 2010


Yep, this is a post about oatmeal. Boring, you say? Indeed it is anything but boring!
And here's why...butter. I love butter. I love its color, its texture, and of course its taste. And, frankly, I don't think it's that bad for you. So there, cardiologists of the world.

Cook your oatmeal according to package directions. (cooking times and measurements depend on what kind of oats you're using. I usually just do quick-cook oats.)
Add a pat of butter to taste. (I'm not going to lie here, my "pat" of butter varies widely each time I make it! The more you add the better.)
Sprinkle with a few tablespoons of brown sugar
Pour cream or milk to taste (Did you think this was going to be healthy? Don't worry, there's still some oatmeal in there somewhere)
Enjoy! It's warm and comforting, sweet and delicious. And anything but boring!

PS sorry, my photography skills are nowhere near my mad cooking skills. (joking, people, joking)

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