23 August 2010

the spanglish

it has been so hot here lately, i've been trying to find recipes and make meals that don't use the oven. i found this recipe the other day, and since we love BLTs so much, i knew this, too, would be a hit. layt likes to call it the BELT (bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato). even though i've never seen the movie, i like to call it the spanglish.

slices of good quality bread, lightly toasted
slices of cheese (recipe calls for monterey jack. i used baby swiss.)
fried egg
mayo and mustard
salt and pepper

turn oven to 350 degrees. melt cheese on the bread. meanwhile on the other half, layer mayo, mustard, bacon, lettuce, tomato and a little salt and pepper. make a fried egg, just until egg yolk is slightly runny. put the egg on top of the tomato. top with cheese toast and enjoy! a great alternative to the BLT.

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