30 October 2009

best baked potatoes ever

Can you really improve on a baked potato? Yes! And here's how!

Take russet idaho potatoes (try to get real idaho russets...and the fresher the better)
Thoroughly wash each potato
Really Scrub the skin of each potato with the rough side of a clean sponge
Liberally brush a good amount of olive oil onto each potato
Sprinkle good kosher or sea salt onto the skin of each potato
Set on a baking sheet and roast in a 425 degree oven until done, approx 45 min-1hr
After potatoes are done, take out of oven and let rest on counter for 10-15 minutes
Dress as you like. In my opinion, nothing beats butter salt and sour cream (except for maybe some peas or broccoli.)
Enjoy...and remember to eat the skin, it's delicious and healthy!

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