18 May 2011

good find: trays

i am really into this bento craze.  i think it's a fantastic way to incorporate all the different food groups into bite-sized pieces for children (and portion-controlled sizes for adults!) to eat.  a couple months ago while shopping at target, i came across these fun little trays.  my kids and i have loved eating off of them.  while it's not the traditional bento-type display, it's a great way to portion out all the components to a healthy meal in an uncomplicated, clean and organized way.  so go check out target's seasonal section for some fun trays!  they come in yellow, blue, red and green for only $1.99 for 2!  *i get no perks for giving a shout out to target!  i'm just a stay-at-home mom in the middle of kansas (ok, maybe not in the middle, but in the middle of the country!) trying to share good finds with my friends.*

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