11 March 2011

sesame ginger salad

i feel like i need to redeem myself with a healthy recipe so you know that sometimes i do eat healthy foods. sometimes. i'm trying really hard right now to eat better foods. i work out a lot and i love it, but i have felt so sluggish lately! is that from all the coconut brownies and magic cookie bars i eat? hmmmm. probably. its funny that i actually have a degree in exercise physiology and still struggle with eating right and feeling healthy! i like to pretend that i can eat what i want all day long and still feel fantastic. maybe it's my aging body, maybe it really is the fact that eating THAT many empty calories just simply doesn't fuel your body! anyway, can you say tangent? so i eat this salad almost every day. whether it's for lunch or dinner, it tastes really good and is very satisfying. and i always have the ingredients on hand for a quick bite when the kids are eating delicious looking pizza. don't worry, i'll be out of this healthy mood pretty quickly and on to the next treat...

Here are the ingredients, add as much or as little as you like.
baby greens/romaine hearts
pre-shelled edamame (I buy the frozen kind and just thaw it in the micro for a couple seconds)
chow mein noodles
fruit of your choice (mandarin oranges, pears, apples, craisins, choose your own adventure!)
newman's own lighten up sesame ginger salad dressing

add all the ingredients to a bowl and mix together. then eat...and lick the bowl clean.

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